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Intellectual Property in the Digital Age: A Discussion with Russell McOrmond (Part 1)

Submitted by admin on Mon, 12/13/2004 - 15:54

Here is an MP3 recording (45Mb) (speex format ~ 9Mb) of a discussion with with Russell McOrmond ( organised by Maxime Piché and held at StudioXX in Montreal, Quebec. The topic is Intellectual Property & Government with a focus on the canadian contexts surrounding:

- patent and copyright law
- "software in governments"
- "claim and censor"
- "code as law"
- open source software and intellectual property law
- voting machine software
- and much more.

A few other things that were commented about:
- Toronto Penguin Day
- Creative commons
- promoting cooperation between English and French Canada on these issues.
- the SCO case

You'll have to excuse the sounds of the hard drive spinning up every once in a while in the recorder I'm using.