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Drupal for podcasting: version 4.6 is out!

Submitted by admin on Sat, 04/16/2005 - 15:25

Drupal 4.6 was released yesterday and anybody interested in "podcasting" will be happy to note that one of the new features that it provides is native support for RSS 2.0. In other words, the first file that is attached to nodes will be referenced in enclosures included in any/all relevant RSS feeds that are generated.

Another interesting development for the podcasting community is that there has also been a "CreativeCommons" module developed for Drupal recently. While this is still in the CVS tree, I have tried it out and it totally rocks. Catalysing Technology-Assisted Advocacy in Quebec

Submitted by admin on Sun, 01/16/2005 - 14:08

The most significant project that I am involved in at the moment is the creation and consolidation of an activist-geek-worker's-coop in Montreal called Koumbit. The ultimate goal is to have two legal entities: a non-profit that allows organisations and individuals to pool resources and influence the development of the communications technologies that we are all increasingly dependent on; and a worker's coop that enables geeks to make a living while working within a technologically sophisticated AND progressive context.

ITConversations: Changing the world one conference at a time

Submitted by admin on Wed, 01/12/2005 - 11:36

Most people equate downloadable audio files and portable MP3 players with music. Unfortunately, this entirely misses what I consider to be a much more socially and politically powerful phenomenon, the recording and podcasting of conference sessions and conference calls. If you haven't discovered sites like yet, then it is time you do.


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