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Drupal Tip: navigation block for authenticated users only...

Submitted by admin on Wed, 12/15/2004 - 12:45

The navigation box in Drupal contains a collection of links that are particularly useful for registered users. When surfing a Drupal site anonymously, there are fewer links and often, when building a web site that is NOT intended for the public to open accounts, the site adminitrators decide to only display this box for internal members team (administrators, editors, etc.). This thread on Drupal describes how to do this. Basically, it involves adding one line to the user_block funtion in the user.module file.

Open user.module in a simple text editor, find the string "user_block", scroll down to where is says "Case 1", and add... "if (!$user->uid) return;" before "if ($menu = theme('menu_tree'))". Save and upload the file.

Intellectual Property in the Digital Age: A Discussion with Russell McOrmond (Part 1)

Submitted by admin on Mon, 12/13/2004 - 15:54

Here is an MP3 recording (45Mb) (speex format ~ 9Mb) of a discussion with with Russell McOrmond ( organised by Maxime Piché and held at StudioXX in Montreal, Quebec. The topic is Intellectual Property & Government with a focus on the canadian contexts surrounding:

Drupal Wishlist #2: SMS import/export for Drupal

Submitted by admin on Tue, 11/23/2004 - 15:30

Outside of North America people use SMS (short messaging service) like crazy! In many parts of the world this cell-phone based text-messaging system is the only one that's readily available. There's no question that there's a long list of real world applications just waiting to be developed based on importing and exporting SMS messages to and from cellphones and websites.

I think that Drupal is very well placed to take advantage of this opportunity as a result of both its increasing use in and among advocacy and community-building circles, and the modular nature of the code.

Drupal Wishlist #1: CreativeCommons liscensing integration into Drupal

Submitted by admin on Tue, 11/23/2004 - 11:15

The first item on my Drupal Wishlist is CreativeCommons licensing to be integrated directly into Drupal. Not only would this enable users to select and associate appropriate liscences for and to their works, these liscences would allow content producers to follow the propegation of their works across the internet as they get exported through RSS/XML feeds.

On another level, I have no doubt that this has huge potential to signicantly leverage the credibitily that Drupal has established as a powerful technical tool within advocacy and community building circles.

So what is this "GNUvernment" thing anyway?

Submitted by admin on Wed, 11/17/2004 - 16:34

I first heard the term "GNUvernment" from William Waits. In fact, if you look it up on Google you'll find this. Let's keep this discussion going...

One thing is for sure, the roots of the word "gnuvernment" are "GNU" and "government". Each of these evokes a series of founding principles which, in turn, shape and are shaped by our societies' and their increasing use and dependence on technology.


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