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Submitted by admin on Wed, 05/10/2006 - 07:41

As I stated in my last post it has been a rediculously long time since I have written anything on my blog. This is particularly bothersome to me given the fact that there are many important issues that I feel I could contribute to. However, if I continue to wait until I have time to write up the whole shabang before I even start, I'll simply never do it. So I figured I should at least start by throwing together a list of things I would write about if I had the time. Who knows, perhaps you'll end up telling me what I should write about first.

A lot of what I'd like to write about relates to Koumbit.

  • Why I am still passionate about the Koumbit project
  • What Koumbit has accomplished in the last year and where we seem to be headed in the next
  • What's working and what isn't about Koumbit. In particular, how is Koumbit is doing in terms of its founding principles? For example, what has/hasn't been accomplished with respect to:
    • Collective and distributed management
    • FLOSS advocacy and contributions
    • ParEcon: Participatory Economics
    • Transparency
    • Self-sufficiency
    • Equity, equality, solidarity and collectivism/collaboration in general
  • The Koumbit's tools and what pieces of the puzzle are still missing

Anybody who knows me knows that the other project I am consistently passionate about is Drupal and I'd like to share my perspective with respect to:

  • Where the Drupal has come from, where it is and where it seems to be heading
  • Drupal community dynamics: the good, the bad and the... well... not tried yet
  • Getting real about Drupal "coopetition"
  • Drupal internationalisation: beyond i18n
  • What's missing?: Real-world needs and how the Drupal community is/isn't addressing them

Of course, there's a lot of overlap between the two that is worth mentioning:

  • Koumbit's Drupal debugging effort: why it didn't work out as planned and what would be needed for it to work better next time
  • Montreal's First Drupal Meetup: what happened, what worked, what didn't and what my ideas are for the next one
  • decisions.module: update and way forward
  • Koumbit, Drupal and [insert name of big player here]

But Koumbit and Drupal aren't the only things worth talking about in the world. In fact, they are just cogs in the bigger picture of:

  • Empowerment through collective innovation
  • Bridging the devide between technologists and advocates
  • "GNUvernment", which perhaps would, more accurately fall under the slogan of "This is what democracy *should* look like"
  • Progressive movements in Québec
  • How Indymedia needs to reinvent itself
  • Integration of AlternC, Bryght's HostMaster software and self-managed ASPs

Anyway, that's all that comes to mind right now. Clearly, considering the length of this list and how little I have written on my blog recently, I have my work cut out for me ;-)

So perhaps I should start by asking, what would you like me to write about first?

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