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Updgraded Drupal again, but still haven't posted though so...

Submitted by admin on Sat, 05/06/2006 - 07:48

This is rediculous; I upgrade more often than I post. My last post was over five months ago! Shame on me. I really need to tell people about all the amazing stuff that has been taking place with Koumbit... cause you can't even find out about this stuff on Koumbit's website.

Well, anyway, I should at least get *something* posted so I guess I'll take a few minutes to comment about the Drupal upgrading I have carried out... and all the stuff that is broken as a result. :-/

A few weeks back I finally got around to taking care of the long overdue upgrade from 4.5.2 to 4.6.6. It was somewhat tedious as usual but I guess everything ended up ok. I've been around this block a few times before ;-) The worst part was probably trying to upgrade the "weblinks" since the original module was discontinued. The most important task that was accomplished is migrating my theme from xtemplate to phptemplate. In the process it got optimised it a whole lot and now uses a lot less images than before, has much much simpler code and will probably also be better optimised for the search engines.

Unfortunately, I still didn't get around to posting anything. :-(

This morning I decided to proceed with the upgrade from to 4.7.0. While I didn't run into any other of problems one encounters when upgrade from much older versions of Drupal, e.g. missing fields in tables, I ran into some new ones :-(

For some reason, a whole bunch of the images in my galleries seem to have lost there thumbnails and this is breaking a lot of stuff... Anyway, I don't feel like spending more time trying to fix things this morning so I just disabled the "random image" block and will let everybody suffer with a broken gallery and missing thumbnails until I get around to it.

But that's not all that is broken... I also seem to have lost my "posted" info... which would have told you, for example, that my last post was on Novermber 29th, 2005.

And, as usual, we are in the "finally,-Drupal-is-out-so-I'll-upgrade-but-DOH-where -are-all-those-contrib-modules-I-need" stage. So no "quotes" or weblinks for now.

Anyway, it's my blog and I can break it if I want to. ;-)

But seriously folks, I'll try to post about Koumbit soon.

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